A break for send + receive radio

A break… a pause…

send + receive radio has been on the air at CKUW 95.9 FM since August 2008. These years have seen our Director crys cole joined by an array of s+r alumni: Tom Kohut, Curtis Walker, Eric Larock, Fletcher Pratt, Robert Taite, Kelsey Braun, Alex Snukal and Cam Popham. The weekly show has been a blast and a great way of continuing the work that we do with the festival on a year-round basis.

We are sad to announce that due to growing logistical issues s+r radio will be taking a hiatus. we’re not sure how long for but likely a stretch. There will be three last shows before we say adieu:

  • November 29 (cam)
  • December 6 (crys)
  • December 13 (kelsey + cam)

We thank all of you out there for tuning in and supporting the show! And a big thank-you to CKUW (Robin Eriksson, Ted Turner & Rob Schmidt especially) for bringing us on board and being such a great community to be a part of!

We hope you can tune in for our last few hoorah’s and we will keep you informed as to how future activities manifest in the new year.