Call for prairie artist (MB/SK) for special project v. 18

send + receive: a festival of sound v.18

October 13 – 16, 2016 

Although we accept submissions from artists world-wide throughout the year, we are currently only seeking submissions from regional CANADIAN artists for this specific project at our 2016 festival. 

send + receive is an annual audio art festival that takes place in Winnipeg, Manitoba. send + receive has been an integral platform for the presentation, dissemination and discussion of sound art since 1998 and showcases artists from across Canada and around the world. Our mandate is for sound-based work. For a sense of the type of work we have presented see our archive here and photos of previous editions here.

The 18th edition of send + receive will explore ideas around Architecture, Space & Sound.

For this call we are seeking proposals for a site-specific work to be created for a landmark/structure in the historic downtown Exchange District in Winnipeg – The Cube. An unusual structure with it’s concrete interior and porous metal sheath, the Cube was designed to function as an open-air stage in the summer months and a unique metallic sculpture during Winter. For several years send + receive has utilized this site to host sound works during the 4-days of our festival. The Cube sits at the helm of Old Market Square with a small green park at its foot, surrounded by the historic urban centre. During the festival, sound works emit from the Cube and out into the park where many Winnipeggers come for lunch breaks, to bask in the sun and relax.

As this years’ theme relates to Sound and Architecture we are seeking proposals for a work to be created directly for The Cube—relating to it’s structure and materials, using it as a sound source or point of inspiration for any other inspirations that may occur to the artist.

The Cube contains a PA system and internal lights. These can be augmented or ignored as needed. There is power in the structure and it is securely locked, however the walls are porous and thus the space is not well protected from the elements/weather. Due to the public nature of the Cube any sound works emitting from the space must not be excessive in volume or frequencies. If a work is not intrusive to the local residents it may run 24/4 through the festival, which is ideal. The use of the Cube at s+r is intended to contribute a unique sonic element to the community, that engages the local arts, culture and business district throughout the days. Exposure to works here is very high and this is a terrific venue to raise awareness about audio art.

Previous artists presented at the Cube include: Chris Watson (UK), Andrea Roberts (CA), Donna Legault (CA) & Walter De Maria (US). 

For the creation of the piece, access to the Cube can be arranged within the months leading up to festival dates—which are October 13 – 16. The festival will cover technical assistance and equipment needs and a short-term exhibition fee will be paid to the artist. For artists from outside of Winnipeg, travel and other details will be organized if selected.

ONLY DIGITAL SUBMISSIONS received by email will be accepted.

Submission checklist:

  • artist bio (max 1 page)
  • a detailed project description (max 1 page)
  • an outline of the technical needs of the project
  • related work samples (digital links only)

Proposals should be sent to

Any questions prior to submitting should also be sent to the above address attn: crys cole.

Submissions are due by June 10, 2016.

Only artists who are being considered for the project will be contacted.