send + receive is an international festival that investigates the disciplines of experimental music and sound art, and is one of the longest standing media arts festivals in North America focusing exclusively on sound-based work. It presents an invaluable opportunity for showcasing the innovative work of Manitoban, Canadian and international artists. send + receive addresses the need for a critical and intimate platform for audio based art locally, nationally & internationally. With feedback from the public, collaborating arts groups, and artists, send + receive meets the creative and technical needs of professional artists.

send + receive began in 1998 as a project of Video Pool Media Arts Centre in response to new modes of creation and distribution emerging from technological developments in communications and audio/music industries. In 2001, due to an increase in interest for the event by local, national and international communities, send + receive became an incorporated entity, further enabling growth in creative and critical programming.

The central activity of send + receive is an annual festival focused on sound: its production, its applications, its meanings, and its theories of production and reception. s+r also co-presents screenings, installations, curatorial projects and performances throughout the year. Aware that Winnipeg is situated in relative cultural and geographical isolation, send + receive develops programs that address this context through critical and technological investigations.