Photos from our 15th edition are up now!

The 15th edition of send + receive took place from October 9 – 12, 2013 and it was a doozy! Four transcendence themed days of concerts, installations, talks, performances and screenings created a very powerful and special event in Winnipeg.
Leading up to the festival we hosted numerous events to fundraise and build anticipation for the upcoming festival.

Photos for all of the events during the festival and in the months before are now up online!

A very special thank-you to the tireless and incredibly talented Robert Szkolnicki who has been documenting our events (and many more) for the past several years. His enthusiasm, insights and creative mind can be seen in full detail in the galleries!

The gallery can be viewed here.

Thank-you to all of the incredible artists!
Joshua Stevenson, Sabrina Ratté, Roger Tellier-Craig, Tony Conrad, Christine Sun Kim, Curran Faris, Jason Whelpton, Leif Elggren, Kent Tankred, Charlemagne Palestine, Andrea Roberts, Doreen Girard, Ruby Kato-Attwood, Leslie Supnet, Kathy Rose, Gwen Trutnau, Erin Sexton, Irene Bindi, Kara Blake, Malena Szlam and Elisabeth Belliveau.

And thank-you to our funders, sponsors, staff, partners, volunteers, supporters and wonderful audience!

With much love,
crys cole & the whole send + receive Board & crew!