v.10 – 2008


Statement from our Director 

Welcome to the 10th Anniversary edition of send + receive!

I am honored to be welcoming our audience and artists to this year’s festival.

I left Winnipeg not a month before Steve Bates and Video Pool launched send + receive in 1998. For years I watched (and listened) from afar as s+r developed and became a strong and diverse International sound festival. I have always been proud to tell people across Canada and beyond about send + receive and have often had people approach me to ask if I was familiar with this great festival that happened in my home town…

And so it is really a terrific honor for me to be back in Winnipeg working with our excellent board, staff and programming committee to continue to develop and nurture what I feel to be a fantastic and rare event in the prairies of Canada.

This year’s festival showcases a wide range of approaches to sound through performance, installations, radio features, workshops, listening parties and artist talks. From noisy DIY hands on approaches (dearraindrop, Kenny Roux and Fletcher Pratt and Darsha Hewitt) to minimalist digital textures mingling with melody and glitch (taylor deupree, sawako, moskitoo + fourcolor) to deep drones and otherworldliness (Oren Ambarchi, Angel, Alexandre St-Onge). These nights guarantee to stimulate and surprise.

For our 10th Anniversary we are thrilled to be showcasing one of the largest grouping of International artists that s+r has hosted to date; bringing guests from Finland, Australia, Japan, Germany, Virginia and NY. We have worked with guest curators Eric Mattson (Mtl.) and Taylor Deupree (NY) to put together a full weekend of extraordinary performances to close out this years festival. As well as these we are so pleased to be bringing an incredible group of local and Canadian artists to present work in both galleries and performance.

This year brings about our first collaborations with numerous local galleries and centres including Art City, the Other Gallery, Outworks, La Maison des Artistes, MAWA, Graffiti Galery and the LO Pub – as well as our continued partnerships with Video Pool, Urban Shaman, aceartinc., CKUW, UMFM and Stylus magazine. This expanded network will lead to new connections and new dialogue amongst Winnipeg’s artistic communities and beyond.

Our thanks to all of our supporters and volunteers for keeping strange sonic currents flowing through Winnipeg!


crys cole, Director

Galleries for v10