v.11 – 2009


A new era begins…

For the 11th edition of send + receive we will focus your senses, challenge where you listen and explore the playful and complex nature of collaboration and improvisation.

Each performance, installation and workshop at this years festival offers a distinct approach to sound-making and a unique perspective on listening – from making your ears warm and fuzzy, to immersing you in dense sound, to focusing your listening as though through a microscope, and reintroducing you to instruments that you thought you already knew. I guarantee a diverse and exploratory experience. I am so excited about each artists work that i suggest you don’t miss a single thing…

There is a special project included at this years festival entitled Transient Sounds. For this project we invited five local artists to place audio works into selected transient spaces. The intention is to alter the ambience of each space in a way that is somewhat subtle, but that makes an impact on passersby thereby changing the way we relate to spaces that typically go unnoticed.
This installation series alongside our other exhibitions all encourage you to focus your listening and in one case, to tune in your sense of smell. A little unorthodox for a sound festival to be sure, but Heribert Friedl’s exploration of non-visual objects is challenging, delicate and intriguing work that we are very happy to present in both its sound and scent forms.

Once again, we are pleased to be bringing together a collection of artists from around the globe – Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Japan, USA, Italy and Sweden – not to mention, Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver and Winnipeg! Thus keeping with send + receives mandate of creating an international forum for sound work; bringing together artists from the global community to share their work and ideas, building new connections and continuing a dialogue beyond borders.

A major venture is also being launched at this years festival. After many years of planning and production, I am thrilled to be announcing the release of send + receive: 10 years of sound, a two DVD box set that celebrates the past 10 years of our extraordinary festival. This beautifully designed set contains 20 audio files of select performances from the past 10 years, an in depth booklet with festival and artist information and a feature length docu-film created by Winnipeg filmmaker and writer Caelum Vatnsdal, culled from our video archives. This set has been a long time coming and will be on sale at all performance events at the festival as well as online through our website with international distribution to follow.

Please come celebrate the DVD launch with us at the Royal Albert on Thursday night (October 15) after an enthralling performance by Francisco Lopez at Urban Shaman Gallery.

The festival kicks off with a 5 – 7:00 opening soiree at Ace Art Inc. on Tuesday, October 13. Come by to have a drink, take in some of the installations and celebrate the beginning of our second era with us!

–crys cole, Director

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