v.13 – 2011


Statement from our Director 

Lucky number 13…

2011 marks the year that send + receive comes of age, one might say, and for our leap into adulthood we have put together a challenging program that explores ideas around noise & disruption.

Noise could be defined as any unwanted sound… a disruption or interference. Within experimental music unwanted, accidental or problematic sounds are sought after, claimed and manipulated. Rather than fight against the noise that surrounds us we capture it, create it and work with it, embracing it’s confronting nature and using this to challenge the way we listen and the way we experience sound. Whether we choose to order them in a way that helps us relate to the noise differently, or whether we spin them into a disorienting barrage that creates an intoxicating or startling effect on the listener, noise is a powerful and essential area of exploration. Without noise, errors, and disruptions we would stagnate…

The performances and talks at this years festival will explore many different approaches to noise-making. Some express their ideas through intense sonic assaults, some re-contextualize the noise around us to create something immersive and challenging, and others conceptually challenge the very idea of music and performance.

I am certain that this edition of s+r will instigate some very stimulating discussions. So, come with an open mind, and as usual, open ears, and don’t worry, earplugs will be provided!

crys cole, Director

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