Seeking New Board Members!


send + receive is an international festival that advances the discipline of sound art. With the challenges of our innovative artistic program and ambitious development plans, we are now inviting applications to fill positions on our Board of Directors. We are also interested in people interested in joining our fundraising and governance committees.

We are seeking individuals with experience in the arts and/or public affairs, the latter having been gained through the media/new media, broadcasting, sales, advertising, journalism, or publishing sectors. Community members with experience in law, business, non-profit sector, marketing, finance and more are highly recommended to apply. Board members that can bring a unique set of experience that would benefit an audio art organization in many facets. Previous experience on Boards is an asset.

Individuals interest in being on the Board but who do not have previous experience are welcome to apply as this is an opportunity for growth and experience for Board members in the non-profit arts sector and thoughtful input and volunteer support is integral to our continued success.

The ideal candidates should have an interest in sound art, even if limited in experience with this particular discipline. Candidates must have an active interest in seeing the festival succeed and grow, and be willing to advocate on its behalf. Participation on a volunteer support basis at our annual festival is also requested of all of our Board members.

As we seek to achieve send + receive’s vision, each member is requested to dedicate at least one day per month on a voluntary basis to provide strategic expertise and fresh, innovative thinking. This can be a very rewarding experience in terms of creating a social web between organizations with complementary mandates.

Applicants for the Board are welcome to contact us and attend the next meeting which is scheduled for November 21. 

For more information or to submit an application, contact our Director crys cole at