Works by Graham Lambkin (US/UK) on exhibit

From September 15 – October 26 we are showing 4 works on paper by Graham Lambkin in partnership with Parlour! The four stunning pieces are closely connected to the 3-channel work Tidal Archers (2017), which Lambkin will present at s+r v19 as part of our 2nd Day evening program on Friday, Oct 13 at aceartinc. He will also give a special performance & Q+A with Joe McPhee at Day 3, Saturday October 15 at 2:00 PM on @ Forth.

We are thrilled to present multiple examples of Graham Lambkin’s fascinating and multi-faceted practice as part of this years outside of the box themed edition of the festival, a theme that is a most appropriate fit for such a compelling artist.

For more information about Graham Lambkin see his bio and links here.