v. 19 – 2017

  • Annea Lockwood (US)
  • Heather Leigh (UK/US)
  • Henning Christiansen (DK)
  • James Rushford (AU)
  • Graham Lambkin (UK/US)
  • Junko (JP)
  • Tetsuya Umeda (JP)
  • Joe Mcphee (US)
  • Irene Bindi (MB)
  • Nihilist Spasm Band (ON)
  • Zev Asher (MB)
  • Aston Coles (MB)
  • Kelly Ruth (MB)
  • Colby Richardson (MB)

This year’s theme is outside of the box! Celebrating the non-conformists, eccentrics and visionaries that tread new artistic territory, inspire, bewilder and change perspectives. This year we have selected artists and works from across Canada, Japan, Australia, the UK, USA and Denmark to create a program that guarantees to impress, surprise, mystify, and stimulate. Don’t miss a thing!



v. 19 – Day Four – Sunday, October 15, 2017

  • Joe Mcphee (US) + Graham Lambkin (UK/US) (Afternoon Performance and Q+A)
  • Irene Bindi (MB)
  • Nihilist Spasm Band (ON)

Our 4th and final day begins with a special duo performance by the recent & very unique duo of Joe McPhee & Graham Lambkin. Join us at Forth in the afternoon for this followed by a Q+A with these fascinating artists! In the evening we are thrilled to present for the very first time in Winnipeg(!) – iconic heroes of noise – the Nihilist Spasm Band! Local artistic innovator Irene Bindi kicks off the night.