v. 20 – 2018

  • Keiji Haino (JP)
  • Sarah Hennies (US)
  • Keith Fullerton Whitman (US)
  • Manuel Lima (BZ)
  • Julia Reidy (AU)
  • Gmackrr (FR/QC)
  • Body of Intrigue (MB)
  • Bret Parenteau (MB)
  • Alyssa Bornn (MB)
  • Pat Klassen (MB)
  • Marie-France Hollier (MB)
  • Kristiane Church (MB)
  • Dee Barsy (MB)
  • Robert Szkolnicki (MB)

This is my eleventh year as Director of send + receive and I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with so many extraordinary people here in Winnipeg and with our innumerable guests from across the country and abroad. This year’s twentieth edition is simply a continuation of what we always do: celebrating exceptional, unique artistic voices with the support of a wonderful team and a fantastic community.



v. 20 – 2018 – Film Series

This year marks the 20th anniversary of send + receive: a festival of sound, Winnipeg’s annual festival dedicated to sound art and experimental music and one of the longest running festivals of its kind in Canada. As part of this special occasion send + receive has curated a series of films relating to sound and the unique artists who have paved new territories and methodologies in their fields.


v. 20 – 2018 – Day One – Oct 4

  • An Alternate History of Canadian Electronic Music (1956–1981) - Curated by Keith Fullerton Whitman (Exhibition Opening)
  • Keiji Haino (Opening Night Concert)

This year’s 20th edition begins with a month-long listening lounge of obscure and incredible Canadian Electronic Music (1956 – 1981), alongside a 20-year poster archive of send + receive! Our evening concert is something so special that we can barely believe it… Underground icon, musical outlier, metaphysical artist – Keiji Haino (JP) is one-of-a-kind and on this occasion he will present a rare solo acoustic percussion concert to launch the festival.


v. 20 – 2018 – Day Two – Oct 5

  • Robert Szkolnicki (MB) (Exhibition Reception)
  • Bret Parenteau (MB)
  • gmackrr (FR/QC)
  • Keith Fullerton Whitman (US/AU)

Day two begins with a First Friday reception for Robert Szkolnicki’s Visualizing a Sound Festival exhibition at Forth from 5 -7. After this, join us for an evening that leans toward a focus on analog and digital tools and the personal approaches applied by three unique and wonderful artists – Bret Parenteau (MB), Gmackrr (QC) and Keith Fullerton Whitman (US).


v. 20 – 2018 – Day Three – Oct 6

  • Sarah Hennies (US) (Screening & Q+A)
  • Pat Klassen + Alyssa Bornn (MB)
  • Marie-France Hollier + Kristiane Church (MB)
  • Julia Reidy (AU/DE)
  • Keiji Haino (JP)

Our third day kicks off with a screening (followed by Q+A) of ‘Contralto’, a truly unique work by Sarah Hennies that explores trans-women’s identity through voice in a personal and deeply creative way. Our evening concert features premieres of new commissions by four exciting local audio/visual artists, a hypnotic concert by Australian explorer Julia Reidy and a concert that may leave your jaw on the floor by the amazing, inimitable underground-icon Keiji Haino.


v. 20 – 2018 – Day Four – Oct 7

  • Keith Fullerton Whitman (US/AU) (Artist Talk)
  • Body Of Intrigue (MB)
  • Manuel Lima (BZ)
  • Sarah Hennies (US)

Our final day begins with a talk by American artist Keith Fullerton Whitman at Video Pool, where he will speak about his creative process in relationship to his instruments and tools. Our evening program presents performances that draw from intimate and personal perspectives. There is a frank and raw quality that connects these artists and their work that will make for a particularly engaging conclusion to our festival.