Two 20th Anniversary exhibitions are NOW open!

Two wonderful exhibitions are open now as part of our 20th Anniversary edition!   In partnership with Forth, we present an incredible exhibition of photographs by Robert Szkolnicki (MB). The exhibition, titled: Visualizing A Sound Festival  captures beautiful and memorable moments from send + receive over the


2018 Fall Film Series as part of our 20th Anniversary Edition!

As special programming for our 20th Anniversary year we will present a selection of wonderful films celebrating the work of four outstanding and fascinating artists who are ceaseless explorers of sound. This special project is presented at the Winnipeg Cinematheque in partnership with the Winnipeg Film Group and runs most Thursdays through September and into our October 4 – 7 festival.


*VIDEO: Joe McPhee & Graham Lambkin talk @ s+r v19

On the closing day of our very special ‘outside of the box’ themed 19th edition this past October (2017) there was a fantastic afternoon performance by American artist Joe McPhee and British artist Graham Lambkin. This duo, which may seem unlikely on first approach, has