Galleries from our 20th Anniversary edition are up now!

As send + receive launches into our 21st year we first wanted to take a moment to reflect on and share some of the incredible memories from our landmark 20th edition festival in October 2018. Our landmark edition featured an amazing array of local and international artists


JOB POSTING: Assistant-Director 2019

Assistant-Director JOB posting send + receive: a festival of sound Deadline for submitting is January 15, 2019   send + receive is a non-profit arts organization based in Winnipeg, Manitoba which focuses on celebrating and supporting artists working in the fields of sound art and experimental


Two 20th Anniversary exhibitions are NOW open!

Two wonderful exhibitions are open now as part of our 20th Anniversary edition!   In partnership with Forth, we present an incredible exhibition of photographs by Robert Szkolnicki (MB). The exhibition, titled: Visualizing A Sound Festival  captures beautiful and memorable moments from send + receive over the