Galleries from our 20th Anniversary edition are up now!

As send + receive launches into our 21st year we first wanted to take a moment to reflect on and share some of the incredible memories from our landmark 20th edition festival in October 2018. Our landmark edition featured an amazing array of local and international artists who captivated, moved and enthralled the audience. Featuring: Keiji Haino, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Sarah Hennies, Pat Klassen & Alyssa Bornn, Julia Reidy, Body of Intrigue, Bret Parenteau, Dee Barsy, Gmackrr, Kristiane Church & Marie-France Hollier, Manuel Lima, Robert Szkolnicki and featuring the work of an array of historic Canadian sound artists & electro-acoustic musicians. Galleries for all of the events at last years festival can be viewed online here. Endless gratitude as always to Robert Szkolnicki for his keen eye and dedication to documenting send + receive.

Looking back on all of these special moments has been such a thrill. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

send + receive v20 – October 4 – 7, 2018 – GALLERIES

Photos of Keiji Haino (JP), Sarah Hennies (US) and Gmackrr (Émilie Mouchous FR/QC) by Robert Szkolnicki